Full Service Leasing

"Faster, higher, farther," sounds the well-known Olympic tale. The saying goes well with today's lifestyle, which does not allow any of us to rest on laurels just as easily won. Because the overall pace is fast, every minute you win adds value to your life.

What is this?

One important piece of the puzzle to improve the quality of life is the full service lease or & #8220; full service lease & #8221 ;. In order for you to be committed to your business, family and hobbies, we make sure that you always have your wheels down and that your vehicle is well cared for.

A full service lease means that all activities and costs associated with using a vehicle are grouped into one service and a monthly payment. It's convenient, fast, and reliable, and helps keep your finances under control.

Full service rental is perfect for business clients. Most benefiting companieswith a fleet of at least four vehicles.

How does a full service rental work?

The process itself is as follows: according to your wishes and needs, we take the best deals from car dealers, add some suitable alternatives, and assist with advice and strength in making the final choice.

We also handle all financial, insurance, and tedious activities at the Road Administration office for you, and assist with any other matters that may arise. We are always with you.

NB! It is also possible to include vehicles that are already financed by other leasing companies in the full service lease package.

Our Promises to You

  • We deal with both maintenance and repair of the car, arranging a replacement car if necessary
  • Time and energy efficient tire change is now our duty
  • We keep an eye on insurance and technical inspection deadlines and arrange for their timely renewal
  • In case of insured events, we will help you to communicate with insurance companies
  • Only one contact person is responsible for the entire company fleet, who takes care of everything you need

Are you convinced of the benefits of renting?

Take a look at our vehicle selection and sign up today.

Additional clarification questions?

Give us a call and we will be happy to answer your questions.

6 reasons to choose a full service rental

Less obligations

Full service lease payments do not burden the company 's balance sheet as an additional liability, as monthly payments are recognized as operating expenses in the company' s income statement. 

One partner

We administer and manage all expense invoices related to your fleet.

More time

Our professional team arranges all the car operations: regular maintenance and repair, seasonal tire change, renewal of insurance contracts and roadworthiness tests. We will arrange a replacement car for maintenance or repair and will assist you in dealing with insured events.

Easy budgeting

Depending on the services you choose, we will set a monthly fixed payment.

A carefree life

GPS positioning, electronic driving logs and fuel card, and regular car interior dry cleaning.


Organizing all your car related business is just a phone call or email away.

Full Service Rental vs. Standard Leasing

 BCSNormal leasing
Deposit0.-al 10%
Contract fee0.-from 200 €
Treatments included in the price*no
Tires included*no
Car selection consultation*no
Fixed premium*1 year
Flexible car return*no
24/7 roadside assistance*no
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