Vehicle for start-up company: long-term car rental or mini-lease


Are you a startup entrepreneur looking for a car rental or mini leasing solution?

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Estonian companies are increasingly choosing long-term car rental instead of regular leasing. The reason is that this approach helps save time and the costs involved.

Conventional leasing of a car involves considerably more complications compared to a long-term car rental. For example, most monthly leasing payments do not include maintenance costs, but in the case of full service leasing, there is no such concern.


Ideal for a start-up car

If you are just taking the first steps in the business world, you need to carefully consider all the risks. Of course, no one can be a psychic, but it is still possible to prevent major obstacles in time.

Täisteenus rent säästab aega, vaeva ja raha

One of these steps concerns the question: how do i get a car for my company? Here you can clearly see how a full service lease mitigates a number of financial riskswhen compared to ordinary leasing forms.

Moreover, financial aspects are not the only weighting factor in a full service lease. There are other benefits to this type of long-term car rental, which can be realized within the first few weeks and months. Above all, they are about comfort and peace of mind.

Here are the main reasons whywhy a startup would want to opt for a full service rental instead of the classic leasing:

1. Flexibility
Would you like to return the vehicle in the middle of the season on flexible terms? Full service rentals are much more friendly here. This greatly reduces the ongoing stress that a start-up company may face due to additional obligations.

2. Full package
The price includes far more options than regular leasing packages. For example, you can be absolutely sure that full service rentals are included both maintenance and tires in the total price. In the case of standard leasing, there are no such benefits.

3. Low price threshold
When you set up a business, you want to minimize initial costs. By opting for a regular lease, you are generating start-up costs: you pay the contract fee and down payment. In contrast, a full service lease is With a deposit of EUR 0 and a contract fee.

4. Lisbon bonuses
A long-term full service lease comes with a number of bonuses that are absolutely not part of the usual leasing contracts. For example, with BCS long term car rental you might enjoy 24/7 roadside assistance and a fixed premium throughout the rental period.

5. Partnership.
A starting entrepreneur is aiming for growth. If additional cars are needed, having a permanent contact with a full-service rental company is invaluable. You can rent additional cars and solve all your vehicle issues with one company. This will save you time and money.

As you can see from the previous paragraphs, full service rental offers plenty of benefits for a start-up company. There is less stress, less money and less time involved.
If you are a budding entrepreneur and want to focus on growing your business, then we also recommend making car purchase choices that will help you stay focused most importantly.


Final words: Why is a full service rental perfect for a start-up company?

Long-term car rental with full service lease is a growing trend in the domestic market.

More and more companies are opting for full-service leasing instead of regular leasing.

A full-service lease can be a particularly sweet solution for start-ups.
The reasons are simple:

  • Start-up costs will be reduced to a minimum with full service lease.
  • Flexible car return conditions provide extra security.
  • The price includes basic maintenance, tires and 24/7 roadside assistance.
  • Fixed premium for the entire period of the full service lease.
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