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At times, the hangings are down to the knees. Finally, a decent winter has come (over a long period of time). What maintenance tips should you use during cold and snowy days to help your four-wheeler drive well and resist the tooth as long as possible? Here are some tips to keep in mind: Know that full service leasing in doing so, your 'burden' is largely borne by you.
The best way to do this is to always be proactive, that is, to prepare before the winter and heavy snowfall. But John Lennon, the early beat, knew that life was going to happen to you when you were making other plans. In other words, even with the best of will, not all activities will always work as well as planned.
We have put together eight tips for winter car maintenance that every car owner could consider.

8 winter maintenance tips:

  1. The right winter tires.

    In addition to having the tires on the car (studded tires or all-season tires), the quality and wear of the tires must be checked regularly throughout the winter. NB! A full service lease helps you keep track of tire changes as well as a number of car related activities below.

  2. Oil and coolant should be normal.

    Make sure that there is always enough oil and the right consistency. The same applies to coolant or antifreeze. When it comes to engine oil, its type is important. The correct oil guarantees maximum performance and maximum engine life. See your car manual. Full service leasing is a convenient way to put someone's annoying worry on their neck.

  3. Wash your car regularly.
    In winter, the driveway is covered with salt, which will damage the car if it is not washed. Let the car also be waxed, it adds an extra layer of protection.

  4. Window washer fluid.
    Because frost degrees can reach as low as -30 at times (especially outside of settlements), choose your washing liquid accordingly. In addition, make sure the wipers are healthy and do their job well.

  5. Is the heater still working properly?
    Check if and how well the heater is working. For who would still like to sit in a car frozen through frost, which doesn't get warm. Also look at the glass heater. It would be a good idea to let your car go through winter maintenance. A full service lease does it for you.
  6. Window cleaners.

    It is best to have an ice scraper with a rubber tip, which Talvine autoscratches the glass less than a scraper with a plastic tip, for example. It would be good to have a good snowbrush at the other end of the scraper, which can be used to push larger snow off the car first. Postimees recommends using de-icers instead of scratches, which will damage the window less.

  7. Warm up engine or not?

    For many years, one of the loudest controversy has been to heat the car with the engine running locally. Some will definitely recommend doing this, and others will start driving immediately instead. We say it's better to start driving, but don't let turns turn too high. The reason is simple: when you drive and drive around, the engine warms up much faster than working locally.
    NB! If you do not drive the car daily, it is worthwhile to start the car at least once a week and do a little tour of the neighborhood. This is good for the car battery in addition to the engine.

  8. When it came to the battery, then be sure to regularly check battery life.
    Batteries for newer cars are generally very cold-resistant, but batteries for older cars are out of their best years. Just keep the so-called crocodile in the car to bring the battery back to life if necessary.

If you are interested in learning more about full service leasing and winter car service then contact us!

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