Long term car rental vs owning a car. Which is better?


Pikk rent vs auto omamine

Do you agree that it is more profitable for an entrepreneur to rent a car in the long term than to have a large fleet of vehicles? An example is long-term car rental good if your (internationally operating) team has temporary staff who are staying in Estonia for some periods and need reliable wheels to move by then. Even for the regular team, long-term car rental is a more profitable option than leasing or buying a car for a loan. There are also many bonuses that come with renting.

A new car loses a significant amount of its value the moment it leaves the showroom and ca 40 percent in the first year. So when it comes to buying a car, it would be best to buy almost new cars, a few years old.

NB! As a car owner, you are the legal owner of the car and are responsible for the car's ongoing maintenance and upkeep, including costly maintenance and repair, tire changes and insurance payments.

The biggest bonus of a long-term car rental is that when renting a car you only use the highest value of the car, ie, you drive where you need it. We take care of everything else expensive and cumbersome.

Long term car rental saves you time and nerves:

  1. Changing a car is easy.
    After the rental period has expired, you can continue to rent the same car or choose a new one if you wish. This allows you to use a wide variety of cars as needed or preferred. It adds sparkle and excitement to your everyday life and - why not - it also broadens your horizons with cars.

  2. Rather, the cost of owning a car is increasing.
    Every car owner knows that owning a vehicle entails monthly fixed costs and, at times, unexpected repairs. Owning a car is certainly not cheap fun, and the general trend is that these costs will increase rather than decrease. However, you do not have to worry about these costs when renting a car. We take care of all expenses and transactions, including repairs, effort and time.

  3. Cost planning.
    With stable monthly payments, you'll never be surprised. When renting a car, it is possible to calculate the cost of the vehicle very accurately and, consequently, better budget it, as all the expenses and activities are already included in your rental package.

  4. Experts help optimize car use.
    All of us learn through practice, and if necessary, any information is at the touch of a button, but best of all, it is specialist advice.

Long-term car rental means that you always have your car expert in your back pocket to provide you with good vehicle advice in any weather.

Long term car rental includes:

  • Casco and motor insurancePikaajaline autorent sisaldab
  • Organization of claims handling
  • 24h damage assistance
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Tires according to the season
  • Replacement of wiper arms and pears if necessary

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If you need to rent a car for a long time, then contact us!

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