What are the options for a van rental?


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Estonians do not like to sit back. We love to do things like make repairs, work in the garden, drive around and enjoy nature, and sometimes even help our neighbor in need. If you are also an average Estonian and you like to edit, you can van rental Wear you a berry.

The main value of van rental is this in space - it simply fits more than a regular passenger car. And at the same time, the van is not too large to prevent traffic on city roads or maneuvering in tight spaces.

Using a van for moving or hauling goods neither scratches nor smears You own a private car. When transporting goods or furniture in a van you do not have to travel back and forth several times.

As you can see, it is van rental is a practical solution that can solve many problems. As an added value, it's also a convenient way to do your business without wasting your valuable time.

Let's now look at the different situations where a van rental can be beneficial to you.

4 situations when renting a van will save you:

  1. Unexpectedness.

    There are more unexpected things in our lives than many of us accept. But as the French say it wisely, then c'est la vie.
    What could be the situation? For example, if you find pieces of furniture in the store that you need to buy right away, but they will not fit in your car. Or, your friend suddenly needs help because the moving company has jumped down and you want to put your friend under your shoulder. There are also surprises when working in commerce - for example, goods arrive earlier or you need to move from A to B quickly.

  2. Moving.

    Every move doesn't require a big moving car or professional piano cups. Often a large commercial van is enough to do the job perfectly (and much more operationally).

  3. Vacation.

    The more children the more things are. Driving on a family vacation can therefore be quite a stressful undertaking as not all the things you need can easily fit in your car.
    A van can also help if you have a plan to rearrange your garden and have all the stuff you need to transport it to a cottage or land. Certainly you will remember many such situations.

  4. Repair.

    The approaching spring-summer period is the time when many begin to refurbish their homes or cottages and make repairs. Repair items are often numerous and take up space. It also means that they generally do not fit in the car. But in the van and there is still room!

As you can see, van rental offers a number of practical solutions to everyday problems. But what are the terms of the lease?

Conditions for Short-term Commercial Vacation Rentals:


  • The rental price is valid for a 24 hour rental period
  • The rental car is ready for delivery on weekdays from 9am to 4pm
  • The car is delivered with a full tank of fuel. Similarly, the car must be returned
  • The car will be handed over clean. Similarly, the car must be returned
  • The car can be used only within the Republic of Estonia
  • Cascade Deductible $ 240 (+ VAT)
  • Theft deductible 15% car market price

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If you are interested in renting a van, then contact us!

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