Winter Car Rental Reminder: 6 Things to Keep in Mind

Estonian winters offer changeable and capricious weather. Although the arrival of permanent minus degrees has been delayed in recent years, sooner or later houses and forests will still be buried under snow.

That's why many people planning a car rental in the winter period have a legitimate question:

What to keep in mind when renting a car in winter?
In addition, doubts remain, is any car make or type more resistant to cracking temperatures?

This article explores the basics and tips for renting a car in the winter.

We hope you find them useful when planning your next winter outing with rentals make or hire a vehicle for the cold months with a reasonable full service lease.

#1: Winter tires down

Make sure your rental car is ready for winter conditions. Winter tires are an important aspect. Winter tires are mandatory in Estonia December 1st to March 1st. However, winter tires are generally allowed from October 15 to March 31. In 2019, the Estonian Police made an exception by allowing studded tires as early as October 6. The implementation of a similar permit in 2020 will depend on current weather conditions.

#2: Fully filled fuel tank

Kütusenäidik poole peal

Grab fuel soon if you notice that the gauge shows less than half a tank full. In winter conditions, long traffic jams or being caught in difficult road conditions mean more risks than in summer. So, don't forget the winter principle: fuel equals heating!

#3: Everything is good in the boot

Are you planning to drive to rural areas where snowstorms do not deliver quickly (or at all!)? In this case, it is worthwhile to have a moderately sized spade ready in the boot. In worse circumstances, it can be an extremely useful tool. It is also worth having a brush and an ice scraper in your car.

#4: Insurance terms and conditions are clear

Autokindlustuse tingimused selgeks

It is worth clarifying the terms and conditions of each season. However, we recommend that you pay special attention to them in winter conditions. It is no secret that during the winter period the risk of road accidents and accidents on the roads increases. It is therefore necessary understand the size of the deductible and ways to pay moreto minimize the amount of personal liability.

#5: Charged cell phones

While the majority of modern rental cars have USB charging capability, it is still worthwhile to be prepared for emergencies. So, charge your phone and just leave an extra USB charging cable in your car. In case of problems, you can call for help sooner.

#6: Choose the Right Drive

Teeolud ja liiklus talvel

For the experienced driver, the following advice may seem excessive, but none of the reminders will fall by the wayside. Be sure to carefully choose the driving speed for the weather during the winter. Remember that the red circle represents the maximum allowed speed, not necessarily the mandatory speedometer reading in each situation. It is also extremely icy, wet and snowy necessary to maintain a longer than average spacing.

BONUS: Which car to rent for the winter?

  • City trips and major highways
    The right things to do in winter are prudent driving and prudent planning.

    In most situations, there is little difference between a particular type of car.
  • Landings and sidingsLumine külavahetee

    In more challenging conditions, 4x4s are a good idea. A car with a small and shallow bottom may not be as easy to get through in all places, especially if a major snow storm has recently passed.

Final words: What should you know about renting a car in winter?

Want a safer and more comfortable winter car rental? Make sure you follow these guidelines:

  • Less than half of the fuel in the tank? Fill it in!
  • Always choose the right driving mode for your situation.
  • Charge your mobile phone before driving and take the charger with you.
  • Carefully examine the car insurance terms and conditions.
  • Check that the rental car's tires meet the requirements.
  • Just keep the shovel in the trunk.
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