How to keep the car's market price high so you lose less money?

Want to keep the sales value of your car?

If so, nothing really complicated here. Take good care of your car! Be it for later sales or to extend your overall life span.

However, some of the habits that keep a car in good shape are more weighty than others. In this article, let's take a closer look at the basic recommendations that help limit the sharp drop in the sales value of your car.

NB! While you can do something about the value of a car to fall, it is an inevitable fact that the price of a regular used car goes down every year. More rapid falls occur within a few years of first purchase. Over the coming years, the downward trend will continue, but with a smoother turn.


#1: Fix minor errors immediatelyVanaauto purustatud klaas

If small dashes, scrapes, and dents occur, deal with them as soon as possible. Here are two reasons not to wait too long:

  1. Aggravation of the Beauty Bug. If you ignore smaller-scale problems, they can easily get worse in our climate. Finally, you will need to deal with more thorough rust protection and other procedures.
  2. Psychology. The more minor mistakes you make in your car, the less careful you will become over time. Practice has repeatedly shown this, even for managers who personally deny this attitude.


#2: Keep your car interior clean

Autosalong 50ndatel

Damaged and weathered interior carries less weight than the car's overall technical condition, but still affects the perceived value of the vehicle. So, follow these guidelines to keep your car in good condition.

  1. Clean regularly mats and vacuum the salon.
  2. Remove from time to time accumulated garbage. Or better yet: throw away the junk after every ride!
  3. Avoid where possible eating and drinking in the car. Use only leak-proof cups.
  4. Be sure not to transport items in the cabin that may stain it.
  5. For leather content use every few months care products to keep skin healthy and healthy.


#3: Prefer garage storage

30ndate masin garaazis

If you have the choice of storing your car indoors or out, there is only one right answer when it comes to preserving your car's value. Store your car in your personal garage or storage space!

A car parked constantly outside is left to the weather. Crisp temperatures, storm winds, rainfall and occasional snowfall. Not to mention the more intense summer sun.

In addition, parking in the garage protects against accidental vandalism. Unfortunately, although it is rarely found in Estonia, in recent years we have unfortunately had to repeatedly read in the media news about vehicles that have been the victim of vandalism.


#4: Don't smoke in the car

Vana daam suitsetab autos

Are you a smoker? If so, be sure to stop smoking in your car if you want to maintain its value. One of the main reasons for this is the heavy tobacco smoke that is difficult to get rid of when selling a vehicle. Hanging up a number of scents may also not help.

In addition, it must be taken into account that the smoke makes the interior details dimmer and, even worse, yellowish-brown. Such an end result will significantly reduce the value of your car.


#5: Check the condition of the vehicle regularly

Uunikum auto mootor

Be sure to keep an eye on the technical condition of your car. As soon as the first signals that something may be loose in the engine or other part of the vehicle come up, you should immediately seek diagnostics and then repair.

However, rapid intervention in the event of a problem is only one part of the car's value preservation formula. In addition, the car should be serviced regularly: change the oil on time and mechanical parts that wear out intensively after a certain mileage.
Here you will find a list of roadworthiness tests by location.


Final words: How do you keep the value of your car to lose less money?

A personal car loses value over time. If you would like to receive a higher amount for the vehicle at the time of sale, then follow the recommendations in this article.

Maintain, improve, and avoid habits that diminish the value of your car!

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