Saving tips: 4 ways to use your car sparingly


We've talked overall cost savings in full service leasing. Whether you are a car owner or a renter, it is always worth following important suggestions that will optimize your car use and help you save costs.

Economy Tip 1 - Keep the car tires at the right pressure

Rehvide rõhkThe fuel consumption of about 20% is due to the tire rolling resistance, so the car tires must be kept under proper pressure. Whole tires have a higher rolling resistance and increase fuel consumption. If the tires are, at the correct pressure specified by the manufacturer, you can save about 5% of fuel. It is recommended to check the tire pressure 1x monthly. It is also important to know that tires with the right pressure are safer and last longer!


Saving tip 2 - Remove any excess from the car

Asju täis autoRemove everything you don't need from the trunk and seats! The heavier the car, the higher the engine load and the more fuel it consumes. For every 50kg, fuel consumption increases by one to two percent. It is also useful to remove empty roof racks.


Saving tip 3 - Use the highest gear possible

Säästunipp - kõrge käikHigher gears are the most economical in terms of fuel consumption! Keep an eye on the traffic and use the higher gear when you are sure it is safe!

Economy tip 4 - Drive at the right speed and steady

Säästunipp - ühtlane sõidukiirusTry to keep a steady speed! Try to track traffic ahead; Continuous acceleration and deceleration causes the engine to consume more fuel. Thus, fuel consumption is lower for smooth driving.

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