What are the coolest new cars of the big names in 2020?

2020 promises to be a great car year. A number of major manufacturers are launching new models, the premiere of which already made car fans slammed. Newcomers include both electric powered vehicles and good old combustion engine specimens.

Of course, the production of the new decade will also offer an increasingly diverse range of hybrid-powered cars. Even Lamborghini joined the Hybrids Club.

So this time, instead of sharing practical automotive wisdom, we look into the world of enticingly shiny news machines. While many of the following four-wheeler companions may, to put it mildly, be left out of the budget, you can always dream!

Here's a look at what surprises are coming to the car markets of different regions of the world during 2020.

#1: Audi A5 Hybrid

Higher-end Audi will receive the expected update this year. The new style includes larger mirrors like the last A4, a wider front grille and a revamped front and rear printers. In addition to the visual advances, the new Audi A5 hybrid engine was selected.

Brand new Audi A5_releases in 2020
New McLaren620R_2020
Image Source: www.motorsportmagazine.com

#2: McLaren 620R

It is the fastest McLaren Sports Series machine you can ever buy. The 612-horsepower 3.8-liter V8 engine delivers lighter weight and stunning power with top-of-the-range tires. Design upgrades bring the aerodynamics already known from the 570S GT4 through this model to the next level.

#3: Electric Mini Cooper SE

The Mini is a car brand that needs to stay true to its original image rather than major design innovations. However, there has been a major change under the hood. For the first time ever, Mini Electric offers a fully electric motor based Mini driving experience.

#4: Aston Martin DBX SUV

Aston Martin becomes DBX the first SUV of a luxury car company. Given that the company's financial situation has tended to be turbulent lately, there are many expectations for DBX. Aston Martin aims to sell over 10,000 brand new SUVs by 2021.

#5: BMW M8

The first two-door M8 left the factory last year. A new one is expected this summer The hottest version of the BMW M8 is its striking 616-horsepower, 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine. The hissing power under the hood carries the cabin premiumquality leather content and luxurious design with dignity.

BMW M8 powerful car released in 2020
Lamborghini Sian is the first hybrid series

#6: Lamborghini Sian Hybrid

Does Lamborghini really come out with the first hybrid? That's how it is! And with that, the beautifully roaring V12 engine has never disappeared under the hood. Limited to production the supercar outputs 808 horsepower with a 48V electric motor.

#7: Tesla Model Y SUV

America is a country of SUVs. Of course, Elon Musk does not miss another opportunity to gain more market share with Tesla. Experts predict that Tesla Model Y is becoming the biggest selling hit for an electric car manufacturer. It is the first Tesla SUV to reach the wider masses.

Tesla Model Y - first SUV released in 2020

And which one did you find most attractive?

By the way, in addition to the seven vehicles just mentioned, dozens and dozens of exciting new cars will step into the limelight in 2020. It is not excluded that we will make a further summary in the future as the year is still a youngster.

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